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Imagine there's no heaven, it's easy if you try.
No hell below us, above us only sky.

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Richard Dawkins investigates
"faith-based" schools
(four parts, 50 minutes)


Why we're screwed


Jerry Coyne - Why Evolution is True
The most lucid lecture on evolution that you're likely to ever hear
Jerry Coyne - AAI 2009

Dr. Dawkins debates a very dense person

Click to learn what happens when perfectly healthy
brain cells get infected with religion.





Interview with Steve Paikin

Hitchens vs Hitchens


Hell's Angel


Conversation with Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss

Breaking the Science Barrier
Richard Dawkins
(extraordinary teaching tool for all grade levels)

Be sure to also watch "New Creationists" below.
It will help to better explain why the need for
sound science education is so urgent today.


The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Brilliant conversation with four brilliant thinkers


One hour BBC special
Q&A exchange with Richard Dawkins


War on Science
50 minutes

The New Creationists
Click photo to learn more about how the war
on science is being waged in the US
(WMP - 10mb - 9 min)

The Wedge Strategy
Secret anti-evolution strategy of the Discovery Institute
(a must read)

Click photo to watch the entire 2-hour special NOVA documentary


Testing God
Science explores the God hypothesis
Series 1 - Six parts, 50 minutes
Series II - Six parts, 50 minutes
Series III - Six parts, 50 minutes

Creationism or Science
We report, you decide which is better for you.

Sam Harris
"Believing the Unbelievable"
(Aspen 2007)

Hats off to
Atheists of Silicon Valley
for making this fine lecture available


 Enemies of Reason I
(The "full screen" option is excellent)
Richard Dawkins
48 minutes

Enemies of Reason II
(The "full screen" option is excellent)
Richard Dawkins
48 minutes

Secular Believers
BBC Special - Six parts

Rapture Ready
by Max Blumenthal

Click here for more Max Blumenthal

Atheists Spreading the Word


The Root of All Evil, Part I
Richard Dawkins
50 minutes

The Root of All Evil, Part II
Richard Dawkins
50 minutes


2 hours


A Brief History of Disbelief
Part I
1 hour

A Brief History of Disbelief
Part II
1 hour

A Brief History of Disbelief
Part III
1 hour


Atheism tapes 1-2
5 minute trailer

Atheism tapes 3-4
5 minute trailer

Atheism tapes 5-6
5 minute trailer


Many spend countless hours trying to figure out
exactly how America has de-evolved into
a mindless, third-rate corporatocracy.

I think I may have uncovered a big part of the mystery.
Meet the Apparition Worshipers
(The history of de-evolution of a once great country)



Focus on what's good about religion


The price of atheism in America
Need more proof that you don't
need any brains whatsoever to be
a US Presidential contender?
Here it is.

An American Huckster
explains his rise in the polls


My Conversion to Atheism
8 minutes


Neil deGrasse Tyson
On "smart" design
5 minutes


Madalyn O'Haire
4 minute classic
This classic video piece was inexplicably
removed from U-Tube in October of 2007.
If any viewer knows where this piece may be found,
please write Rev. El with your knowledge.


Hitch on the "Good Book"
"I am absolutely convinced that the main
source of hatred in the world is religion"


Lou Dobbs Interviews Hitchens
"god is Not Great"


Atheist hatred?
This guy's introduction is a little rough and he's probably
too focused on the insanity of Islam above other
belief systems steeped in the supernatural but
overall, it's an excellent production
7 minutes 

Jesus Camp
The full movie
(Scarry stuff
1 hour, 25 minutes



Brains Gone Wild I!
Thanks to MikeCT
4 minutes

Brains Gone Wild II!
Thanks to MikeCT
7.50 minutes

Meet Brian Brown
Spokesman for religopsychosis

(and probably Reagent University Valedictorian)
10 minutes


Religion, Politics and Gay Marriage
Produced by Michael Hall
33 Minutes 


Creative way to combat stupidity I 


Creative way to combat stupidity II 

Scenes from Alexandra Pelosi's new documentary
"Friends of God"

Click to view
(Windows Media Player)


Sex talk with Rev. Ted
QuickTime Player required
(Download it here for free if you don't have it)


Lewis Black on religion
6 minutes


George Carlin on religion
10 minutes

George Carlin
Touched by an Atheist
5 minutes


Dance monkeys, dance.
Posted 12/22/2006
4 minutes


WVCSR welcomes
its youngest parishioner
Posted 12/12/06
2 minutes 25 seconds

Penn & Teller
The Bible is Bullshit

Borat exposes insanity
Posted 12/01/06
2 minutes 34 seconds

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Supernatural: a linguistic invention of the mindless used by the  thoughtless to convince the credulous to accept the ridiculous.
  ~ Rev. El Mundo 

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